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Smart Living Expo

Come see us at the Smart Living Expo in Buninyong! This is an annual event (it’s 9th year!) that showcases the latest technologies and products that promote sustainable and eco-friendly living. This expo is an opportunity for people to learn about new innovations and ideas that can help reduce their carbon footprint and live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

10am-3.30pm Sunday February 26th 2023

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Factory Open Day.

Want to learn more about our unique manufacturing process? Then our Open Day is for you.
Come and get a behind the scenes look at how we go from raw materials to fully constructed studios in our Ballarat Factory.

Next Open Day 10am-12pm Saturday July 20th 2024

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The Zoom Room.

TinyOffice on Wheels.

In September 2022 TinyOffice was part of the Tiny House Festival in Bendigo Victoria. We’ve always wanted to put one of our TinyOffices on wheels and we jumped at the opportunity to be part of the event. It gave us a great excuse to design and build a trailer suited to our prefab system and to meet lots of ‘Tiny’ enthusiasts.

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Geelong Port Control Tower Building.

TinyOffice in the Sky.

For the last 37 years the Spirit of Tasmania has been picking up main landers from Station Pier, Port Melbourne and sailing them back and forth to Tassie for long weekends of oysters, wine and MONA visits. On the 22 of October 2022, the Spirit of Tasmania officially arrived at its new Victorian port in Corio Quay in Geelong. The $135 million 12-hectare Corio Hub is a brand new, custom built facility that has one of our TinyOffices as the Control Tower.

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HUCX Prefab

The HUCX system is a fully custom building system that uses only what it needs and produces nearly zero waste. The walls, floors and roofs are fully insulated, super strong panels that come complete with windows, electrical and plumbing services already installed.

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HUCX Windows

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We only use what we need.

We take sustainability pretty seriously at TinyOffice. We all should.

At every point during the manufacturing process we are trying to reduce our environmental footprint. Here are just a few ways...

HUCX Prefab consists of individual, custom made panels that are made and manufactured at the HUCX factory in Ballarat, Victoria. These Panels are joined into larger building elements. The thickness of each panel is determined by their output as either a wall, floor or ceiling element. 

We minimise waste by only using what we need and any offcuts created during the manufacturing process are reused to become part of the finished building.

All TinyOffices are fitted with the HUCX Windows which are double glazed and thermally broken windows that are manufactured on site to ensure the perfect fit. Double glazed windows help to reduce heat loss and gain therefore creating a more comfortable living environment all year round.

All TinyOffice’s come with the option of concealed external blinds to help control solar gain during high summer and let that light in during the winter.

Inspired by passive house methodologies we strive to work with the surrounding environment to maximise the comfort and livability of every TinyOffice we make.

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